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Dr Kaleb Rashad

Director of Creative Leadership at High Tech High Graduate School of Education

Dr. Kaleb Rashad

Dr. Kaleb Rashad is the Director of Creative Leadership at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. High Tech High is well-known internationally for its innovation and project-based learning, and its equity mission of providing quality education to all learners. Over the past 10 years, Kaleb has worked with diverse communities to co-create equity-driven, liberatory school cultures–characterized by student-centered pedagogy, trust-rich relationships, and creative leadership practices. Kaleb currently directs the New School Creation Fellowship program which seeks to design new disruptive models of learning in 12 priority cities around the United States. Before High Tech High, Kaleb served as head of school in elementary and secondary settings and taught middle school math and science. He holds a BA in Human Development, two Master’s Degrees, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership focusing on relational trust and organizational change. Kaleb currently supports individual schools, districts and mosaic networks nationally and internationally experimenting at the intersection of leadership, equity and design. He also works alongside the disruptors of inequity at Stanford’s K12 Lab, IDEO’s Teacher’s Guild, School Retool, & Leadership + Design.