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Resources for Society

The Next Step for Human-Centered Design in Global Public Health

Tracy Johnson, Jaspal S. Sandhu and Nikki Tyler

How human-centred design is driving digital health

Paddy Padmanabhan (CIO)

Design Thinking in Healthcare: Applying Design Thinking to Schizophrenia Care

Silvia Vergani, Danielle Schlosser (IDEO U)

Mobilising collective intelligence to tackle the COVID-19 threat

Kathy Peach, Aleks Berditchevskaia (Nesta)

How to Use Design Thinking Methods to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Strategy and Measurement

Beth’s Blog (How Connected Nonprofits Leverage Networks and Data for Social Change)

Design Thinking for Social Innovation

IDEO (for World Bank)

Designing for Public Services: a practical guide

Nesta Foundation