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Resources for Business

Adapting customer experience in the time of coronavirus

Rachel Diebner, Elizabeth Silliman, Kelly Ungerman, and Maxence Vancauwenberghe (McKinsey & Company)

Design Thinking Continues When Imagination Workers Work Remotely: A Conversation with MURAL’s CEO Mariano Suarez-Battan and the IBM team that’s using MURAL everyday

Forbes (Jun Wu)

Digital transformation by business model design

Dany Robberecht (Verhaert)

Digital strategy in a time of crisis

Simon Blackburn, Laura LaBerge, Clayton O’Toole, Jeremy Schneider (McKinsey Digital)

The Design Thinking Tricks That Netflix Use To Keep Us Watching

Northumbria University Newscastle

How We Design on the UberEATS Team

Paul Clayton Smith

Improving Start-up Survival Rate: "Design Thinking" to The Rescue


What Entrepreneurs Can Learn About User Experience From Insurance Company Lemonade

Hillel Fuld (Inc.)

A Study of the Design Process

British Design Council

Lean Startup and Design Thinking: Getting the Best Out of Both

Stanford Graduate School of Business