New Perspectives. New Futures.

In recent years, emerging technologies have empowered new levels of design thinking. Advances in augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality technologies enable us to vividly experience and empathise with the user’s perspective.

Algorithms and computational power also help produce a greater quantity of solutions faster, without bias.
Not only can we immerse ourselves deeply in the problem, we can also test possible solutions in a far more cost-effective manner.
Customer relationship management (CRM) tools, big data analytics and artificial intelligence allow us to generate large datasets of user insights and identify behavioural patterns at scale.

Design Thinking is really a users/customer/citizen-centric innovation process that helps organisations break down departmental silos and hierarchy, allowing companies to empathise with real people’s needs and innovate from them. This cultural change is urgently needed in Hong Kong with fast-changing disruptive technologies and escalating business competition from Mainland China. Business and government only have two choices: Innovate or die.

Elaine Ann
Founder, Kaizor Innovation

Design Thinking is an Evolving Discipline

The challenge and opportunity for us all is how we can address human needs in ways that are technologically feasible, financially viable, as well as socially and environmentally sustainable.

Environmental sustainability has become a popular topic, both for business and society. We need a new way of designing that is good for people, our economy and our planet.

The Circular Economy advocates a shift from our “traditional take-make-dispose economy”, to an economy with a “closed loop”, where materials, nutrients, and data are continuously repurposed.

In collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, IDEO has introduced a Circular Design Guide to meet an emerging need for an alternative, restorative, and regenerative approach that can create new value and deliver long-term economic, social and ecological prosperity.