Infusing Design Thinking into the Corporate DNA

“Not just Design thinking but Design doing is also very important. ” said Stephen Wong, Founder and Lead Curator of Design Thinking in Action, the facilitator of the panel.

Bosco Leung
, Senior Corporate Strategy Manager of MTR covered topics like how they are using Design Thinking in the way they collaborate with startups and how they are speeding up the Proof of Concept process in their business. He asked the audience to start with listening to their customers and taking risks along the way. “Today – out of 5 pilots, we have 100% rate of Proof of Concept with real customers in just 8 weeks. This is lightning speed for MTR.”

Josianne Robb

Josianne Robb, Chief Digital Officer Asia of Manulife started with how Manulife introduced the use of Design Thinking along with Agile which fosters collaboration and brings them closer to customers. “Really easy to do but hard to achieve. If you don’t put yourself in the shoes of the others, and ask end users what they really need, you’ll always have different perspectives. And so, the hardest part was to hear the feedback,” she said.
Vivian Lo

Vivian Lo
, General Manager, Customer Experience & Design of Cathay Pacific gave us a peek into the world of rapid experimentation and how Design Thinking trains people to think about what are most important for customers. She reminded us that it is easy to get fixated on technology. Her quick recipe for success was, “You have to start with focusing on the most important needs. Start with minimal viable prototypes, look for ways to trial, experiment and drive improvements. After the testing, you can actually scale very quickly.”
Stephen Wong

Stephen Wong asked the audience to reflect whether their company is product centric, technology-centric or customer-centric. “Product is the solution and technology is the enabler, but you need to combine them with the emotional needs of the customer through design thinking.”

In conclusion, the 3 panelists gave their top 3 tips to organizations that are just starting the process of Design Thinking and are looking to get the best out of it.
Josianne Robb
  1. Bring the fun, curiosity and optimism back into it.
  2. Be patient. This is new.
  3. It’s hard. When the going gets tough, you need to be kind to people and you need to be resilient.
Vivian Lo
  1. Don’t be too particular. You will find the best way to apply, learn and get confidence.
  2. Make it fun, allowing your people to feel fulfilled.
  3. Being able to take risks. Allowing your team to feel that they have comforts of experimenting.
Bosco Leung
  1. Make the experience learning personal. So, it is not just lecturing.
  2. Start small and that way you can build success and momentum.
  3. Don’t do it alone. More fun to work together.