Prototype – Unleash


Prototyping helps you make the ideas in your head a reality. Building things together so you can learn about them. Show your prototypes to users gives you an idea of whether or not they’ll be useful.



Draw up how a user would interact with your solution in a sequential story. Use pictures and words.⁣


Build a physical model of your concept to test how it will look, or how it will work.

Paper prototype

Use simple materials to create things that would be timely to develop.


Assign roles in your team and act out your solutions as a skit. You can set up chair, tables and boxes to mimic the settings where your concept would take place.

Ad Mockups

Think like an advertiser! Try creating a print ad or a brochure to visualise your idea and let people know how it will work and they will benefit from it. ⁣


Services are hard to build because often they involve different people, timeframes and spaces. Acting out your idea, a bit like the way kids play pretend, helps you articulate the details and test what works and doesn’t.