Unleash! Train-the-Practitioner Online Programme – Unleash

Unleash! Train-the-Practitioner Online Programme

October - November 2020

Programme Details

The Train-the-Practitioner Programme was successfully conducted from October to December 2020 with experienced instructors sharing how design thinking can address emerging challenges and improve skills needed for remote working.

The course provided participants with foundation knowledge and skills in design thinking, and from the perspectives of practitioners, covered practical applications on how to leverage design thinking in teams, process, products, services, organisations and people, and in tackling interdisciplinary and important problems in the real world, as demonstrated by a simulated project and interwoven with case studies.

Adapting to the current situation, the course was in online training format that enabled participants to practice online collaboration and adopt online collaboration tools.

Programme Agenda

Session 1 Setting the Context: Design Thinking – What and why?
Session 2 The Essence of User-centricity
Session 3 Doing the right thing
Session 4 Doing it right
Session 5 The innovation loop
Tutorials and Check-in Sessions For participants to gain insight from experienced facilitators

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