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The HK User Experience Hunt

The Hong Kong User Experience Hunt has been concluded. We are pleased to announce the following winners:


The HK User Experience Hunt

March 2019

The Hong Kong User Experience Hunt has been concluded. We are pleased to announce the following winners:
Judges’ Favorite Idea: Winner– Kan Yik Hin

“The A&E service is in high demand, but very often we only know the waiting time by the time we go to the hospital. Sometimes one has to go to a few hospitals a night to know where one can receive quicker treatment. It is recommended to establish a central network to let patients know the waiting time of each hospital. Similar systems can be used for specialist clinics to reduce patient waiting time and maximise the utilisation rates of hospitals.” (HKDC translated copy)

Most Constructive Comments
  1. Setting up a central network on waiting time is a very good suggestion! My opinion is that after arriving at the hospital, one can scan a QR code on the ticket and enter one’s phone number. Even if a patient (non-emergency) has to go to the bathroom for a while, he/she will receive a phone call when it is almost his/her turn (e.g. 5 more people waiting the line). By doing so a patient will not miss his/her turn. (HKDC translation) — Chan Chui Shan
  2. The data needs to be updated in real time. If there is a large special emergency, patients will be prompted to go to other hospitals for treatment.(HKDC translation) — Ho Kei Tung
  3. The system can show the waiting time of public and private hospitals and the charges. Patients will have a choice. (HKDC translation) — Yeung Ka Man Carmen
Other top 4 ideas winners
  1. Chan Wing Tai
  2. Chloe Chiu
  3. Fung Siu Ha
  4. Sung Chui Han
Top 100 Likes of the Judges’ Favourite
Chan Cheuk Sum Chan Cheuk Wai Chan Chung Man Chan Fung Man Angel Chan Ka Kin Chan Ka Wing Chan Kai Po Chan Ming Chan Suet Hung Chan Wai Mei
Chan Wing Shan Jenny Chan Ying Chau Chang King Cheong Chau Hoi Yan Chau Man Yee Cheung Wai Ming Cheung Wai Ting Chiang Shuk Ping Chim Pui Ting Chiu Pik San Ivy
Chiu Tsz Sum Chu Chi Wang Fok Fung Yee Fong Ka Yee Carrie Fong Sze Hon Fung Hong Ying Ho Ka Pik Ho Kwok Pan Ho Lai Ying Hon Chung Yiu
Iu Ka Man Kan Wai Tung Kan Yik Hin Kwan Shun Ting Shanty Kwok Ka Ian Kwok Ka Yan Nigal Kwong Chi Hang Lai Chui Man Lai Siu Yee Lai Tsz Wai
Lai Wai Shan Lam Chi Kin Lam Ching Man Lam Ka Mei Lam Tsz Chung Law Ka Pik Law Wai Hung Law Yat Pui Lee Ka Wai Lee King Yi
Lee Wan Yuk Lee Yuat Hoi Lei Siu Man Leung Hiu Shan Leung Hoi Kwan Amanda Leung Sau Fong Leung Sze Wai Tryde Li Tsz Ying Lin Kai Lai Mak Ka Yan
Man On ki Mok Hiu Shan Ng Chi Ho Ng Kwok Fai Pui Ying Wong Sham Chi Wai Siu Kin Wai Siu Lee Sze Jess Tam Sze Man Tam Hoi Yuet
Tam Ka Ling Tang Wui Hang Tsang Chun Ling Tsang Hing Yan Tsang Hop Foon Tsang Mei Fung Tsang Mei Kuen Tse Yee Man Tsz Kit Loong Wong Hoi man
Wong Ka Fui Wong Sau Man Wong Wai Ki Wong Yuen Sum Wu Chi Lam Wu Sin Yan Wu Ting Yan Yau Man Yiu Yeung Jesika Yeung Sze Ying
Yim Chin Lai Yun Pui Ting Yung Sze Wan Zhu Min 舒雲彤 鄒劍豪 鄭莉 霍筠翹 黃凱稜 黃嘉欣
Winners will receive the hotel and Ocean Park vouchers by registered post before the end of April. For enquiry, please call 9722-4966
  • To arouse community awareness and understanding of the key concepts and importance of human-centric design in creating value for business and in improving life for citizens
  • To understand the key user experience concerns in the community and how people think their user experience can be improved
  • To foster and catalyse improvements to user experience in Hong Kong through a citizen centric approach
The Campaign

Phase 1 (8 Feb – 2 Mar 2019)

Share a pain point in your daily experience and suggest how it can be improved with user needs in mind in the entry form

Phase 2 (8 – 30 Mar 2019)

“Like” your favorite idea from the top 5 selected by the judges, based on their impact, creativity, desirability, feasibility & viability. You may also give comments to the idea of your choice.


User experience includes all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with an organisation, its services, products, people, environment (physical and digital) and other artefacts. At the most fundamental level, a good user experience must be able to meet the needs of the customer. It should be simple, desirable and effective.

Design thinking helps address human needs in ways that are technologically feasible, financially viable, as well as socially and environmentally sustainable. The design thinking process involves multi-disciplinary and cross-departmental collaboration, including design, research, product/service development, technology, customer service, marketing, human resources etc

  1. Entrants must be residents of Hong Kong with a valid residential address in Hong Kong.
  2. Entrants must be aged 18 and or above at the launch of the campaign.
  3. Entrants aged under 18 may also participant with the consent of his/her parent or guardian.
  4. The following persons will not be eligible for participation:
    a. The staff of the organizer and service providers of the campaign
    b. The panel of judges and their immediate family members
  5. Entrants must first become a follower of the campaign’s social media page by clicking on the “Like” button
Phase 1: Ideas Hunt

Submit your personal information and ideas through this entry link, as shown on the Unleash HK Facebook/Linkedin post on or before 2 Mar 2019 (2359 hours), in one of the following formats:

  • A visual image (photo, drawing, sketch etc) with a caption (Max: 16MB); or
  • Text submission (Max: 100 words in English or 150 words in Chinese); or
  • A video uploaded on YouTube (no more than 2 min) with Chinese or English voice over or subtitles
Phase 2: Selection and Voting Mechanism

Assessment Criteria

The organizer will shortlist up to 20 entries for the panel of judges (comprising representatives of the supporting organisations) to select the top 5 entries based on the following assessment criteria of good design:

  • Impact (20%) i.e. magnitude of the problem and impact of the solution
  • Creativity (20%)
  • Viability (20%)
  • Feasibility (20%)
  • Desirability (20%)

Voting Process

The organizer will post the top 5 entries on Unleash HK page on FB and LinkedIn and invite community to vote for their favorite ideas according to the aforementioned criteria.

Voters must submit their choice and personal information via this link by 30 Mar 2019 (2359 hours). They are encouraged to provide a constructive comment or suggestion to the idea that they like.


The Judges’ Favorite

  • 1 night of stay at Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel Themed Room (Double x 2)
  • 4 Ocean Park Smartfun Annual Passes (Gold)

Merit Awards (other top four choices)

  • 1 night of stay at Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel Deluxe Room (Double)


  • First 100 voters of the Judges’ Favorite will each receive an Ocean Park Admission Ticket.
  • Voters providing the top 3 most constructive feedback to the Judges’ Favoriate will each receive 1 night of stay at Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel Deluxe Room (Double)

Prize Fulfillment

The organizer will announce the winners of the campaign on its website ( on 15 April 2019.

The organizer or its representative will post the prizes to the winners by registered post.

In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version of the campaign information on this website, the English version shall prevail.


Questions about the campaign and the terms and conditions should be sent to

Campaign Sponsor
Prize Sponsors
Supporting Organisations