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Digital UX Hunt

August 2020


COVID-19 has transformed in a matter of weeks the way we learn, work and live. As the pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of many brick-and-mortar businesses, good customer experience has taken on a new meaning in the virtual world. Demand for digital experiences will continue to grow even after pandemic as people have got used to the new normal. Now is the time for organisations to invest in creating a desirable digital experience to attract and retain customers, and to build trust and loyalty in preparation for the next normal.

Customer leaders who care and innovate during this crisis and anticipate how customers will change their habits will build stronger relationships that will endure well beyond the crisis’s passing.
Adapting Customer Service in the Time of Coronavirus, McKinsey April 2020

Campaign Objectives

Against the aforementioned context, the Hong Kong Design Centre (the Organiser) is pleased to work with 5 Knowledge Partners to present the Digital UX Hunt (the Campaign) as a sequel to last year’s Hong Kong User Experience Hunt. The Campaign aims to:

  • Inform the community of the useful online platforms and tools, as we adapt to the new normal of working, learning and meeting the needs of our everyday life
  • Demonstrate what makes a good user experience in the digital world
  • Advocate the importance of a user-centred design approach in the digital transformation process

What Makes a Good Digital User Experience?

Digital User Experience (UX) is defined as the sum of all interactions a customer has with an organisation across all digital touchpoints. A good user-centric digital experience should be accessible, functional, learnable, user-friendly, affordable, desirable, secure, customisable and compatible with other interfaces.

A good digital transformation strategy is therefore not just about the application of technology, but it should first and foremost address the needs of the users. The design thinking framework can be useful in delivering a “desirable, useful and usable” experience. It integrates the needs of stakeholders, the possibilities of technology and the economic viability in delivering a good user experience.

The Campaign

Stage 1: Introduction of Best Practices

The Campaign Knowledge Partners will introduce 5 examples of digital solutions that offer good user experience in each of the 5 areas. They will be posted on Unleash!Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Health Tech Solutions

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E-Commerce Platforms

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E-Learning Solutions

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e-Financial Services

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Remote Work Solutions

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Stage 2: Voting Period

Participants of the Campaign are invited to:

  1. Vote on their 5 most favourite solutions from the list of 25
  2. Answer 2 questions related to digital experience in Hong Kong*:
    1. How satisfied are you with the digital experience in Hong Kong?
    2. Which sectors offer the best digital experience in Hong Kong?
  3. (Optional) Suggest your own favourite digital platform/solution in any of the five areas, either local or international, with reference to the good user experience criteria.



  1. Participants must be residents of Hong Kong.
  2. Participants must be aged 18 and or above when the Campaign is launched (i.e. 17 August 2020).
  3. The following persons will not be eligible for participation:
    1. Full-time staff of the organiser and service providers of the Campaign will not be eligible for participation.
  4. Participants must be or become a follower of the Unleash! Facebook / LinkedIn page by clicking on the “Like” button


The first 200 participants who make a complete submission will each receive an Eatigo voucher valued at $50. Participants who share their favourite digital platform/solution will enjoy 50% discount on the Unleash design thinking workshops organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre in the second half of 2020, subject to availability of seats and on a first-come-first-served basis. These include Train-the-Practitioners Certificate Programme, Train-the-Facilitators Certificate Programme, Design Thinking Leadership Programme and UX Design Certificate Programme, etc.

The organiser will announce the winners of the campaign on its website ( on 21 September 2020.

The organiser or its representative will contact winners by e-mail.

Click here to download the winner list

Please read the terms and conditions before your submission. In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Traditional Chinese version of the Campaign information on this website, the English version shall prevail.


Questions about the Campaign and the Terms and Conditions should be sent to

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