Design Thinking 101 Workshop – Unleash

Design Thinking 101 Workshop

November 3, 2018

Is design thinking reserved for the creatives? This myth is undoubtedly wrong. The HKDC Unleash Design Thinking 101 Workshop took place on 3 November, inviting people from all walks of life to have a taste of design thinking.


The workshop was led by experienced industry practitioners from Design Thinking In Action (DTIA). Stephen S. Y. Wong, Founder of DTIA, said that “Design thinking is a customer-centric problem-solving framework.” He explained that design thinking starts with empathy, “We need to identify the real issue before finding the solutions to it, and this process requires empathy towards customers.” He added that design thinking is a divergent and convergent process. We discover various insights from customers/users, define the real problem, generate multiple solutions before we zoom in to prototype and test a few, and eventually come up with a solution. The process is also not linear but iterative, requiring us to go backwards from time to time.

Together with Stephen, May May Wong, Trainer of DTIA, introduced “5 whys” and a funnel approach to probe into the innermost thinking of a customer/user. “It requires listening and asking questions at the same time. If you really care about your customer, you will be able to ask the right question.” She added.

Finally, Stephen shared 7 tips on applying design thinking successfully in corporate context to wrap up the workshop. It is essentially a change of mindset and behaviour on the way people think and do things.