Programme Details

The Train-the-Facilitator Programme was successfully conducted from November to December 2020! Experienced course instructors led participants to learn how to build the organisation readiness for design thinking and facilitate the process effectively with different stakeholders, leveling up to be the design thinking lead in organisations. Through live Online Classroom sessions combined with virtual small-groups coaching, participants tested different facilitation techniques and methods, and learnt how to create an environment where participants feel confident to be creative and drive innovation.

What is a Facilitator?

A facilitator is paramount in enabling the outcomes of the design thinking process, while also creating a safe and inclusive space for the people in the room. Skilled facilitators enable organisations to address key business challenges more effectively and have stronger competence in solving problems in a more innovative way.

Programme Agenda

NOV - DEC 2020
Unleash! Train-the-Facilitator Online Programme
Session 1
Creating Engagement
Session 2
Delivering Impact
Session 3
Finding your Flow
Tutorials and Check-in Sessions
Group Presentation and Coaching from Course Instructors
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