Programme Details

The pandemic has changed how and what we should teach and learn. It is time for school leaders to contemplate how the experiences would impact on the curriculum, the pedagogy, the mind sets and skill sets of educators, the school administration, environment and above all the culture. The Design Thinking Certificate Programme aims to support school leaders in their ability to use design thinking to expand their own practice as school administrators, enhance student learning experiences, and work toward a school culture of deeper learning and 21st century skills. With leading design thinking experts in the US and experienced facilitators in Hong Kong, participants have gone through a design thinking journey with a blended learning experience that comprised 4 x 2.5 hours of online workshops and school check-ins.

Programme Agenda

SEP-DEC 2020
Design Thinking Certificate Programme for School Leaders
Optional Pre-workshop for design thinking knowledge
Session 1
Understanding Yourself and the Context
Session 2
Creating a Culture of Innovation
Session 3
Aspirations for Change
Session 4
Designing a Way Forward
Check-in sessions
Coaching from Facilitators
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