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Case Studies

Accelerate Digital Transformation and Enhance Deliverables through Design Thinking

How to apply design thinking at a right time for your business

Enhance User Experience with Digital Transformation Empowered by Design Thinking

How Can We Advance Positive Social Change Through Key Design Thinking Element - Empathy?

Design Thinking Helps Businesses Think Out of Box and Identify Problems

How Can Design Thinking Help Governments and Social Enterprises to Innovate and Create Positive Changes for the Society?

How Can Design Thinking’s User-centric Approach Help Hong Kong Embrace a Cashless Future?

Cross-generational Co-creation Starts with Understanding the Needs of the Seniors

How can business leaders use design thinking as an essential tool to digitally transform their organisations in today’s pandemic?

Understanding Market Needs: Advice for Startups and Young Designers

Start-up Creating Social Value through Design Thinking

What happens when design meets technology to enable people & conversations?