Kaleb Rashad – Unleash

Kaleb Rashad

Director, High Tech High, San Diego

Kaleb is a creative director at the Gary & Jerri-Ann Jacobs at High Tech High, San Diego, California. High Tech High is first and foremost an equity project. We see school as an opportunity to do compelling, sophisticated, and creative work in which young people might find a passion worth pursuing, and a purpose to fuel their fire.

Kaleb’s belief in human-centred design is deeply rooted in his dissertation research on relational trust. He works alongside the dreamers and doers at High Tech High Graduate School of Education, School Retool at Stanford d School, Real World Scholars, Leadership + Design and WildFire Education. Before High Tech High, Kaleb taught middle school mathematics and science and he served as site administrator for two middle schools and two elementary schools. Kaleb holds a BA in Human Development, two Master’s Degrees in Education and Leadership, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University and Kaleb is the co-founder of Unlocked. Inc, a San Diego-based non-profit design organization.