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Case Studies

Can a suit that simulates the everyday challenges faced by the elderly promote social harmony and empathy?

Winning the locals’ backing: Redevelop a sewage treatment plant through a human-centred approach

Creating a medicine delivery service for socially distanced patients under the pandemic through Design Thinking

In:visible Wallet Promoting social inclusion with empathy

Little inventors inspired by Design Thinking to address social needs

How might we redesign school culture to support deep, meaningful student learning?

Advocating school-based innovation Nurturing future leaders through STEAM Education empowered by Design Thinking

From Teacher-centric to Student-centric A Design Thinking-based Education that Empowers children to design and change their own life

Integrating Design Thinking into teaching: Nurture empathy, creativity and problem-solving skills through project-based learning

Shaping the Future A Maker who uses Design Thinking to help others brave the Pandemic New Normal

Embracing Cultural Differences with Empathy

Accelerate Service Innovation with Corporate DNA Empowered by Design Thinking