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Successful companies outperform their peers by integrating design thinking into their strategy, culture and process.

Design Thinking Can Help Businesses

Reduce risks and costs
Develop new products and services
Build brand loyalty
Drive digital transformation
Improve productivity
Effect cultural change
Develop new business strategy and models

We use design thinking as a tool to encourage staff to develop the entrepreneurial mindset, generating new business ideas from the bottom.

Stan Tang
Chairman, Stan Group

Engineers Can Become Good Teachers

Over three years ago, Outblaze management discovered that some of the product features in their edutainment software for kids were not well received. They looked into the matter and found out that their younger engineers being single and childless, did not have enough insights about the needs of their target users — the kids.

Outblaze management sought new ways to make their engineers more sensitive to user needs through “Design Thinking”.

How did Outblaze management response

We hired education consultants to train our engineers to become teachers so they could interact with the kids more effectively to understand what the little ones wanted from the our products. We also conducted in-house training in design thinking for our staff with complementary techniques borrowed from other disciplines. Then we made these trained engineers spend their day developing software in the morning and teaching kids how to learn with the software they made in the afternoon.

Lobson Chan
COO of Outblaze

By playing with the kids and observing their responses, the Outblaze engineers learned how to build better software for kids with fun and pedagogic outcomes. The arrangement later evolved into the founding of Dalton Learning Lab, a joint-venture between Outblaze and two Dalton School Hong Kong Co-founders.