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How might we unleash the potential of Hong Kong, our businesses and our people?

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

We live in an increasingly connected world. Globalisation creates a bigger pie for everyone. Consumers are able to exercise choices like never before. Competition in the 21st century is no longer just an arena for large corporations.

Small start-ups can topple industry giants. The digital revolution is rapidly transforming businesses and societies, causing disruption but also bringing opportunities.

Amidst this backdrop, the balance of power has swung towards the individual. Empowered by advances in education and technology, people today demand greater transparency, participation and customised solutions. The war for talent has also intensified, as options for one’s career and work preferences open up.

Rapid economic development has benefitted many people, but it also exerts pressure on infrastructure and resources. Coupled with a higher life expectancy and falling birth rates, cities like Hong Kong are left to confront future challenges that no silver bullet can address.

Winning in the 21st Century

These unprecedented and complex problems require new thinking, new solutions and new ways of working.

We are rapidly transitioning from a knowledge economy to a collaboration economy. The ability to collaborate, with humans as well as machines, is becoming a new competitive advantage.

Cultivating the 7C’s with Design Thinking

Design thinking is a creative problem solving approach that can help nurture the 7C skills for organisations and individuals.

Today, businesses, schools, governments and non-profits around the world use design thinking to discover innovative solutions to complex problems, generating economic and social value for people, organisations and cities alike.

Introducing a New Competitive Advantage

To thrive in a digital world, humans must learn to excel in areas that artificial intelligence and machines cannot. The “7C’s” are critical to unleashing the full potential of business and humankind.


Empathizing with others to understand problems from their perspectives.


Working together with diverse members in a team to reach a common goal.


Opening oneself to multiple possibilities and opportunities to identify new solutions.

Critical Thinking

Defining and redefining problems, and applying both qualitative and quantitative methods to assess and solve them.


Taking the initiative to explore and learn beyond one’s own skillset and domain of knowledge.T


Coping with ambiguity, and demonstrating the conviction and entrepreneurial spirit to take action.


Mastering interpersonal skills to connect and exchange ideas with stakeholders.

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